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Tariff optimization for optimal customer value

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Streamline the sales commissioning process

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Wholesale Billing

Get full control over your wholesale billing business.

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Data engineering services.

Tariff Suite


Tariff Suite is a near real-time rerating and optimization engine to drive successful campaigns, revenue forecasting and Incentive Schemes


> Score each commercial offering vs current. Delta Revenue (Access Fees + Usage Charges)

> Identify ‘best’ offer

> Automatically calculate discount to achieve desired margin

Revenue Forecasting

> Tap in Order Management Pipeline

> Calculate impact and delta revenue based on actual order and past behavior

> A real-time leading indicator on company performance at all levels (portfolio, individual product, campaign)

Incentive Schemes

> Provide real-time, actionable information to sales agents : actual benefit realized for the customer and Impact of order on ARPU

> Link incentives to ARPU uplift : real time impact of order on compensation and works best with Neurocom Commission Suite

> Calculate commissions based on actual revenue (forecast) vs heuristics

Commission Suite


Commission Suite is an integrated sales commission and incentive compensation management system. Commission Suite provides a robust and secure platform that helps organizations streamline their sales commission and incentive processes: Design and implement complex commission plans, setting and allocating targets, calculate commissions and target attainment, communicate, and analyze the results through dashboards and in-depth reporting, adjust compensation, approve and payout commissions.

Commission Suite:

> is powered by a very flexible rule engine that is used to define credit or eligibility rules, targets, claw back rules etc.

> can support diverse sales networks consisting of dealers, external partners, own- or third-party stores, call centers, digital sales, B2B account managers etc. with thousands of partners and different incentive plans.

> supports what-if scenarios to evaluate the impact of new incentive plans

> communicates incentive compensation results and forecasts to salespeople with dashboards and reports

> provides in-depth reporting of partner performance and commission-related customer costs.

> automatically logs every action (including changes of commission plans, calculations, modification of commission results, payout initiation) in audit trails

Neurocom Billing

Wholesale Billing

Neurocom’s Wholesale Billing is a fully configurable application for the invoicing of subscriptions and one-off fees of your products and services.

Neurocom’s Wholesale Billing offers an incredible flexibility for the configuration and the management of all the billing parameters such as, the product portfolio, the billing cycles, the invoicing periodicity of recurring charges, the currencies and languages in which invoices are issued, etc.

The agility of the software is further enhanced by the automated creation of credits and re-bills of orders that have already been invoiced and that are affected by any change made since their last invoicing.

Orders can be provisioned directly in the billing platform through our API to Improve the accuracy and efficiency of your invoicing process by converting your manual operations into automated workflows.

Wholesale Inter-Carrier

Neurocom Inter-Carrier billing (ICN) is a flexible, scalable and fully monitored billing application that gives operators complete control over the inter-carrier billing business.

In addition to the standard features required by the industry, Neurocom Inter-Carrier billing includes:

> a module that processes price lists received from operators and automatically detects and applies changes where required (number ranges, destinations and prices...)

> an application that reconciles partners' billing files with the traffic rated by the billing platform

> a monitoring module guaranteeing that network events are effectively sent to the billing platform and that they are processed end-to-end.

The robustness of the application resides in its fast-rating engine, which makes day-to-day processing transparent for end users, easily handles large variations in traffic from month to month, and significantly reduces billing run time, all without requiring massive hardware resources.

Our services

Data engineering services

We help telecom operators make sense and get value from their data. We are implementing solutions with technologies ranging from traditional ETL tools to modern big data and streaming architectures.

Software development services

We deliver personalized solutions to customers with specific needs that cannot be covered by commercially available offerings.

About Us

We are a true partner...

Neurocom is a software and technology services provider that acts as a true partner for change inside your business, assisting you to lead in the ever-changing technology ecosystem. We love solving difficult problems, providing effective solutions and helping champions of change to achieve their goals.

We collaborate and we co-create solutions with you by leveraging our expertise in the technology domain and combining it with customer-centric business thinking. We see your business as our own and always go the extra mile to get things done and add real value.

That understands your business...

We are collaborating with telecom operators in four different continents for the last twenty years. We help them untangle issues, remove bottlenecks and solve pressing issues. We guide them to the fastest, safest and most transparent way to the future.

We know that digital transformation is hard. It entails disruption, risk and internal change. In these difficult times, you need to master challenges and embrace the opportunities. Unlock the hidden gems without causing more disruption. Move forward safely with the right tools and the right partner.

Thanks to our team of experts

We are an experienced and agile team that knows the ways. Your ways. Your systems. Your glitches. Your vulnerabilities. Your insecurities and risks. But also, your goals and your business objectives. An agile squad of developers, coders and analysts with functional expertise who run the extra mile. Every time. For every single project.

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